Valid claims will be paid out within 2 business days after all required claim documents are received. If a claim is disputed, the claim will be ratified or declined within 14 business days.

Please note that, in the event of you (or your beneficiary) needing to claim, the following contact details will be useful: 

Telephone:  010 020 4371

Email: or

Below are the details of all the required information for the specific claim. This will ensure that Different Life (as Binder Holder for OMART) can process the claim quickly and efficiently

The relevant Funeral Claim Form must be correctly and fully completed, signed and submitted to Different Life via email or in person. We will also need the original or certified copies, signed by a commissioner of oaths, of the following: 

Required for all claims: (Cause of death Natural or Unnatural)

  • The completed funeral claim form. 
  • A certified copy of the official death certificate issued by the Department of Home Affairs. 
  • A certified copy of the deceased’s identity document.  
  • A certified copy of the main member’s identity document. 
  • A certified copy of the claimant’s identity document.  
  • A letter from the funeral parlour, on a formal letterhead, confirming that the body is in their care. 
  • The medical certificate of the cause of death, and details of the doctor who certified the insured’s death (DHA 1663)
  • Personal Medical Attendance Form completed by medical practitioners.

Required in addition to above when cause of death is unnatural (for example accident/ murder)

  • Fully completed SAPS statement (SLFC002E).

In addition to the above, any such other documentary proof as may be reasonably required by the Insurer to assess any claim that is submitted under this policy.

To effect payment on the claim (if the claim is assessed as valid):

The original or certified copies, signed by a commissioner of oaths, of the following: 

  • Bank statement of beneficiary / policyholder

  • Identification documents of beneficiary / policyholder

When can I not claim?

No cover shall be granted and no claim will be recognised in the event of the death of any policy member as a result of                    

  • Directly or indirectly, suicide within the first year of the benefit start date or any reinstatement date.                      

  • Death in a waiting period due to any cause other than an Accident.

  • When the person covered does not meet the relationship definition as provided in the sales process and policy documentation, or when the policyholder is not the main life assured.