Our Legal Disclosures

These terms and conditions govern the Inqaku Products which are underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART) and offered to the public.


Inqaku FC (Pty) Ltd (Inqaku) is an authorised financial services provider (FSP Number: 51044), licensed by the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) to market and distribute life insurance products underwritten Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART), a licensed life insurer under the Insurance Act (IA).

Inqaku will provide relevant product information so that you can make an informed decision. As you go through the process we will highlight important information so that there are no surprises when it's time to claim. We do not offer financial advice on the product.

Physical Address: 46 Louis Botha Crescent, Summerstrand, PE, 6019

Postal Address: 46 Louis Botha Crescent, Summerstrand, PE, 6019

Telephone: 010 020 4371

Email:    info@inqakulife.com


OMART, the underwriter of Inqaku Funeral Product, company registration no. 1997/008994/06, a licensed life insurer under the Insurance Act (IA).

Physical Address: Mutualpark, Jan Smuts Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town.

Postal Address: P O Box 455, Cape Town, 8000

Telephone: 021 504 6423

Email:     OMARTComplaints@oldmutual.com

Different Life 

Different Life provides binder services for which pre-determined monthly fees are paid by OMART to Different Life. 

Physical Address: Building A, Bryanston Corner, 18 Ealing Crescent, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2021

Postal Address: P.O. Box 3812, Dainfern, Johannesburg, 2055.

Telephone: (010) 020 4362

Website: www.differentlife.co.za

Different Life has professional indemnity insurance.

Different Life has and maintains an Anti-Money Laundering Policy in accordance with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act.

Inqaku Funeral Cover Benefits

If you die, your cover amount will be paid to your nominated beneficiary within two business days of receiving all required documentation for a valid claim.

If any of the other people insured under the policy die, the relevant cover amount will be paid to you within two business days of receiving all required documentation for a valid claim.

Please ensure that your beneficiary is kept updated. If you have not nominated a beneficiary the money will be paid to your spouse (if listed on this policy) or otherwise into your estate.

Inqaku General Disclosures

A sample policy document with full disclosures can be viewed here.

Waiting Periods

A 6 month waiting period applies to all people insured under this policy, during which only accidental death is covered. Let us know if you have an existing life cover policy as this may affect the waiting period.

No waiting periods will apply in the following instances:

  • In the event of an accidental death of a policy member, provided the first premium has been paid. Accidental death for purposes of this Inqaku Funeral Policy means death caused directly or resulting from injuries sustained due to a sudden and unforeseen event (an accident) which occurs at an identifiable place and time and has a visible, violent and external cause and which results in the death of a policy member. 

  • If you confirm that at least 31 days before entering into this policy, that you (or any other insured person) had a previous policy with another insurer, the waiting period for you (or that other person) will be limited to any unexpired waiting period under the previous policy.

Processing and collection of certain personal information 

Inqaku may collect and process certain personal information for communication and administrative purposes. Collection and processing of this information will help us render better service to you, and secure products tailored to meet your needs. Subject to the exceptions stated below, will obtain your express consent before collecting, processing, maintaining or disclosing your personal information for marketing purposes. Information that we collect may be stored and processed in, and transferred to, countries outside South Africa, but such countries shall have the same level of data protection as is applicable in South Africa. In the following circumstances, Inqaku may collect, process or deal with your personal information without your consent: 

  • If Inqaku is specifically requested, and required by law, to deliver certain personal information 
  • If the disclosure of personal information is necessary to protect Inqaku’s interest 
  • If the disclosure of personal information is in the public interest (e.g. for the prevention of crimes) and there are legitimate grounds for such disclosure 
  • If de-identified personal information is required for statistical purposes 

Inqaku will share your personal information with OMART as the insurer who in turn will allow Different Life to access your information to perform the binder functions associated with your policy.

We may also share your personal information with our partners, who include: 

  • our contracted service providers whose assistance we require to conduct our business operations; 
  • credit bureaux for certain specified information, as allowed in terms of the law.

Waiver and indemnity for Inqaku as an Intermediary

In the event that you suffer loss or damage of any nature due to Inqaku acting on your orders or communications, or orders or communications that purportedly emanate from you, you waive any right to take action against Inqaku. Furthermore, you indemnify Inqaku against all and any claims, liabilities, losses, costs, fines, damages and expenses arising because Inqaku acted on your instructions or orders or instructions or orders which purportedly emanate from you.

Policy Document 

On purchase of your  policy, Inqaku an email and an SMS with a link to your policy document will be sent to you. A sample policy can be viewed here.


If Inqaku or this product does not live up to your expectations you can cancel your policy at any time. Where at the date that we receive the cancellation notification, premiums have already been collected or processed for a current or future cover period, such premiums will not be refunded and cancellation will be effected at the end of that cover period. This policy has no surrender value.    

Cooling-off Period

Insurance products allow a cooling-off period during which any payments to the insurer are refunded (less the cost of cover enjoyed) if you change your mind about the purchase within 31 days of receiving your policy documents. 

When can I not claim?

No cover shall be granted and no claim will be recognised in the event of the death of any policy member as a result of, directly or indirectly -                    

  • Suicide within the first year of the benefit start date.                       
  • Death in a waiting period due to any cause other than an Accident.

Inqaku Compliance

The Compliance Officer deals with issues relating to Different Life’s compliance with the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 37 of 2002 (FAIS Act).

Germa Beukes of Sirius Lex Consulting, 

Telephone: (012) 809 1180;  

Email:  germa@siriuslex.co.za. 

The OMART Compliance Officer: OMARTCompliance@oldmutual.com

If you feel that Inqaku has contravened the provisions of the FAIS Act, and/or has rendered financial services in a manner that may affect you adversely, please contact the Compliance Officer at the contact details listed above. Our consultants who do not meet the full Fit and Proper Requirements as defined by FAIS render services under management supervision.


If you are not satisfied with any aspects of your policy or services provided by Different Life on behalf of OMART, please allow us the opportunity to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. For us to give your concerns the attention they deserve and ensure a quick response please contact us on:  complaints@inqakulife.co.za.

You may also contact OMART at: OMARTComplaints@oldmutual.com

You may also contact the Office of Internal Arbitration at Old Mutual at PO Box 80, Mutualpark, 7451. Fax +27 21 504 7700 or email: arbitrator@oldmutual.com


For claims information please refer to our claims page.

Ombudsman and Information Regulator Details

If you are still not satisfied with how your complaint has been dealt with then you can contact the FAIS Ombud where this has to do with any of the intermediary services provided by Different Life:

Office of the FAIS Ombud

Postal:    P O Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040

Telephone: 012 762 5000 / 012 470 9080

Email:    info@faisombud.co.za

Fax: 012 348 3447

For unresolved complaints about the actual products and their respective features then please contact the Long-Term Insurance Ombud: 

Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance 

Postal: Private Bag x45, Claremont, 7735

Telephone: 0860 103 236

Email: info@ombud.co.za

Fax: 021 674 0951

The Information Regulator (South Africa)

Postal: P.O Box 31533, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2017

Complaints email: complaints.IR@justice.gov.za

General enquiries email: inforeg@justice.gov.za.

If you would like to institute legal proceedings regarding your complaint, you need to do so within 3 years. If legal action is not taken within this time, you will lose the right to dispute.

If your complaint remains unresolved even after you have made representations to us to have the decision reversed, your lawyer must institute legal action on your behalf within that time limit.